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African Masks

African Masks

African Masks

Masks are an important part of African culture and art. They can be traced back to the ancient times. The African masks originated during the Paleolithic era. The African masks traditionally have been from different types of materials, such as metal, fabric, leather and wood. They are considered as part of the best creations of art in the world and many art collectors seeks to purchase them in large numbers. The masks have been developed throughout the years to be part of various ceremonies within the African communal settings. They are widely used in social and religious events to act as representation of the ancestors’ spirits or help in the control of evil and good forces within the community (Duerden, 2000). The development of the African masks aids in bringing out the relationship between the world of the dead and the physical world. The development of masks showcases the talents of the individuals in crafting as well as creativity skills.


Duerden, D. (2000). The” discovery” of the African mask. Research in African Literatures, 31(4), 29-47.

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