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African Sculpture

The African sculpture usually takes several forms and at the same time offers huge insights related to the tribal and cultures from where they originated. Traditionally, African sculpture has been figurative in nature, acting as a representation of the human form as well as fashioned basically from woods (LaGamma, 2003). Apart from sculptures of the African origin being made from woods they have also been abstracted and styled and then carved from various types of stones. The African sculpture can be traced back to the ancient times when there was emerged of various advent tools. Today, it is one of the contemporary forms of art. African sculpture is basically spiritual or religious in nature. It takes animal, human or mythical forms. It is a form of art that enables African to showcase their crafting and creativity skills. It acts as weapons of advocating for African cultural values and beliefs around the world.


LaGamma, Alisa (2003). Genesis: ideas of origin in African sculpture. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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